Warren Barfield

Warren is a well-known singer/songwriter that has been touring around the country since he was a teenager. His songs have been heard around the world through radio and movies. Warren’s song, "Love Is Not A Fight”, was written after a fight with his wife during a low point in his life and marriage. The song was used as the theme song in the movie Fireproof. The success of the movie opened doors for Warren to share the story (the pretzel story) behind the song and the VICTORY in his life and marriage on this side of the fight. 

The result was Warren becoming a sought after speaker at events around the country. His vision for a touring marriage event was made a reality with the help of Actor Kirk Cameron and promoter Mike Williams. The “Love Worth Fighting For” tour is successfully entering it’s seventh year and has helped hundreds of thousands of marriages with tools to fight a good fight in life and marriage. 

 Warren's ability to use humor to communicate deep and heavy truths, combined with his music, disarms people and allows him to connect with people in a unique and powerful way. He loves to see his story encourage others to fight for the victory on the other side of their battle. 

Warren and his wife Megan have two children: Montgomery (Mont) and Ada Beth. They live in Franklin, TN and love to travel together, ride four wheelers, and spend time at Pensacola Beach, FL. When Warren is not singing, speaking or spending time with his family, you will find him in the woods or on his tractor pretending he’s a farmer.

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